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The 2019 Calendar

'Female Heroes'
pays homage to extraordinary women in history and fiction alike. 12 striking images to accompany you through the year. Each page contains a quote by or about the character pictured.
A3, top wire bound.
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   Photo shoot gift vouchers

All vouchers are valid for one year after issue date and can be emailed for homeprinting or sent first class delivery.
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19th of December.

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Vouchers for the classic pin up shoot.

Simple but stylish!
With a choice of 10 different couloured backdrops, use of hand-held props like feather fans or parasols and full posing guidance throughout your shoot, this experience is perfect for beginners and models who want to add to their portfolios alike.

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Vouchers for the Next Level shoots

Take it to the next level and use any of the wonderful set ups available, like a genuine 50s TV, record player, telephones, radios, vintage style furniture and lots of different props.

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Vouchers for the Ultimate pin up shoot.

Are you looking for something extraordinary?
Then this package is for you. It doesn't matter if you want to float on the ocean on your giant flamingo or in space. This is the package to make pin up fanatsies come to life.

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